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Basin Units

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  • Bathroom Furniture

  • Products in the Basin Units category have been rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 324 reviews.

    There are 112 products on sale, ranging from £59.99 to £699.00

    • Mrs Hazel Stamps

      2nd of April 2014

      Overall Rating:
      Value for Money:

      Odessa Oak Floor Mounted 600 Door Unit

      Bathroom Unit

      The product is now installed and ready to use and it is very functional, it's doing the job well that I bought it for.

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    • Patrick Taylor

      11th of April 2014

      Overall Rating:
      Value for Money:

      Planet White Floor Mounted 600 Drawer Unit & Basin


      Excellent product and service created pleasant transaction, item bought for new house not yet fitted but obviousley a quality productK2ntc

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    • Michelle

      31st of March 2014

      Overall Rating:
      Value for Money:

      Sky White Floor Mounted 800 Unit & Basin


      Excellent unit. Very robust, great quality and modern look. I was thoroughly delighted when it arrived in good time as promised. If you are in two minds go ahead and place your order. This was my first order and based on this I've ordered other items as the whole experience was fab.

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    • Duncan Roberts

      5th of April 2014

      Overall Rating:
      Value for Money:

      Plan Walnut Compact Unit & Basin

      Excellent Product

      Excellent product! Value for money, swift delivery, couldn't have asked for better service.

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    • Malek

      29th of March 2014

      Overall Rating:
      Value for Money:

      Sienna Oak 85 Vanity Unit & Basin

      Vanity Unit

      price good, quality unbelievable,happy deal

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    Where fashion leads, interior trends often follow. Monochrome has been particularly popular on the catwalks for the past few seasons now, and it’s a trend that has filtered down to interiors too. But although very current right now, it’s also a look that is timeless, which means that it’s a great choice for a space like the bathroom. Once you’ve invested in a new bathroom suite you probably won’t want to update it in a hurry so it’s important to choose a décor scheme that will endure. This is particularly true if you are going to be tiling the space as well, as tiles aren’t something you can cheaply and easily replace. Black and white are soul mates, like yin and yang - seemingly opposite ‘forces’ that are actually interconnected and interdependent. Black absorbs while white reflects. Put them together and they pack a punch, creating design schemes with real impact. Here are a few reasons why black and white works particularly well for bathrooms: It never goes out of style Black and white is a timeless combination that won’t date. It will look good for years, and you won’t need to update it in a few seasons when colour trends change

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    What a Drain! Common Causes of blocked Plug Holes

    Posted on: 18th Nov 2013

    Whether it is in the kitchen sink, the bath tub or that brand new stylish basin unit that you had installed, having a blocked plug hole is inconvenient and unpleasant. It is probably the most common problem to occur in modern plumbing systems, as general the materials used and the designs incorporated minimise most other faults. However, a blocked plug can occur for many different reasons which is why they can happen annoyingly frequently. Of course when it does happen it isn't usually a reflection on your cleanliness or maintenance any more than it is on the design of your fittings. The causes are usually simple and straightforward and can mostly be solved with a little application and few DIY skills. When you do get a blocked drainage system of any kind it is important to tackle it swiftly as it can, in some rare cases, reflect a more serious underlying problem. So what are some of the most common causes of blockages? 1. Foreign Objects By far the most common cause of a blocked plug hole is because something has become stuck somewhere in the system. Although we don't realise it, a lot of material such as hair and soap in bathrooms, and fats and food waste in the kitchen, end up going down the plug hole. Sometimes for various reasons this can accumulate further down the pipes and ultimately build up over time to cause a blockage which is only noticed when a slowing of draining water becomes an actual pool that refuses to budge

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    Contemporary Basins and Mixer Taps: What to look for

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    Although a bath may be the centre focal point for many bathrooms, the basin is used far more regularly and as such, is an important part of any choice of suite. In fact, the wide range of basin styles, their supporting structure and the taps that go with them, means you can mix and match to make your bathroom a uniquely personalised design. Traditional styles based on Victorian originals are still immensely popular but modern, contemporary designs offer a varied choice when it comes to both stylistic decisions and functional design. It is certainly the contemporary basin and mixer tap combinations that are the most exciting elements when designing a modern bathroom, so what should you be looking for? Choices Victoria Plumb has a wide range of top-end designs that offer high quality materials and workmanship while being extremely affordable. Choosing a basin design that sits on a counter top, can allow for a wide range of flexibility. Whereas a traditional pedestal style basin can suit period homes and more traditional suites, those looking for a more modern and practical solution can pick and choose between different solutions; from counter tops that feature semi recessed basins through to glass or marble structures with a choice of basin styles on top. Taps The style of tap you choose doesn't simply reflect an overall design choice, as it can be a standout feature that brings its own unique slant to a suite – although it must still fulfil a vital function. A mixer tap should provide hot and cold water in exactly the proportions you want with an easy-to-use mechanism. That's why all our taps at Victoria Plumb are manufactured to the highest specifications, utilising the latest ceramic disc technology. There are as many styles of contemporary basin taps as there are basins themselves, and the chance to mix and match means that you can come up with your own unique combinations

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    Is Wenge Bathroom Furniture the new Black?

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    If you've never come across Wenge before (pronounced “wen-geh”), you are in good company.   Wenge is a relatively unknown type of wood finish for furniture and when it comes to the bathroom Wenge is making a breakthrough as an accent colour. From the Millettia laurentii tree found in Central Africa, this is a tropical timber that is very dark in colour. It has been described as “nearly black” or even as “espresso”. Of course, most bathrooms come in a traditional white finish, but a Wenge finish can really complement and accentuate the rest of your suite, giving a classy dark and light design. At Victoria Plumb, we have extensive ranges of bathroom furniture which feature Wenge including bath panels, mirrors, vanity units, toilet units and both floor mounted and wall hung cabinets. Top Tips Here are our top tips for using Wenge in your bathroom: Your bath makes up one of the largest surface areas of any item in your bathroom. Add a new Wenge Bath Panel to your existing bath, to provide contrast. Add a wall hung mirror cabinet such as the Odessa Wenge 3 Door Mirror Cabinet. This not only adds to the overall theme of your bathroom, but provides both light and much needed storage space for toiletries

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    It’s that time of year again: Summer is now officially over and those little hell-raisers are finally going back to school! If you’re a parent and you’ve relaxed your children’s routines during the holidays, you'll probably find yourself having to go back to much stricter hours of bath time and bed time. Getting your little treasures to readopt this regime can sometimes be hellish, but here a few tips from a fellow parent that might help: 1.        Bath Time = Fun Time Bath time should be a period of fun and enjoyment for your children. Take time out to chat and play with them. Ask them what they have got up to during the day and formulate some fun games to play (if you want to be sneaky, these can even be “learning games”!). 2.        Spell it out Make each step of the routine clear to your children. If the process goes tea time, wind-down time, bath time, bed time – make sure you stick to that. Don’t give in to small changes here and there. 3

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    Planning on smartening up? We’ve got the perfect space saving Furniture for you!

    Posted on: 30th Aug 2013

    Do you suffer from a lack of space in your home? If the answer is “yes” you are not alone. In fact, according to a recent Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) report, “lack of space” was one of the key causes of dissatisfaction in the home. * That’s why we at Victoria Plumb have come up with two new compact, space saving furniture ranges called Plan and Smart. The Plan Range is made up of six pieces (between £99 - £229) available in either a walnut or white finish. The range blends various bathroom furniture elements, including a contemporary back to wall toilet unit and a choice of basin units in both wall hung and free standing formats. The design is stunning in its simplicity, with ample storage coupled with chic, modern style. Like the Plan Range, the five-piece Smart Collection has walnut and white finish options and includes basin units, large and small storage units and a cistern-concealing unit for a back to wall toilet. On sale between £99 - £269, this range features prominently in our new TV ad. The design strikes the perfect balance between form and functionality, with easy opening storage ideal for instant access to essentials from towels to bath oils. Samantha Dowle, In-House Stylist Designer at Victoria Plumb, thinks these new collections offer something for everyone: “With their compact and stylish design, these ranges certainly don’t restrict those with small bathrooms or en suites - they embrace them

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    Buying Guides

    Basin units from Victoria Plumb

    Basin units come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They can range from floor-mounted to corner basin units. They may be part of a combination unit or they may be recessed. Any product produced by us at Victoria Plumb will be well designed and produced for the consumer with great attention to detail.

    Styles & types


    From the Odessa Wall Hung 900 door unit to the Granada white vanity and basin there is a huge selection on offer. The basins are well designed and have smart chrome fittings. The storage units vary in size but all are capable of fitting in with the overall design of your bathroom.


    Traditional basins have much in common with the more contemporary designs of the Odessa and Granada range. The Drift Walnut 2 Drawer Wall Hung unit is just one example of the many basin units available. Units do vary but the principle of a sink placed on top of a set of drawers remains the same.


    For those who are looking for a unit for their cloakroom or simply have restricted space in their bathroom, then the compact corner basin unit is ideal. This unit has a single cupboard under the sink so it’s still practical but its dimensions are much smaller.

    Different types of basin units

    The combination unit

    If you’re really looking for some original bathroom furniture, then the combination unit is ideal. This unit combines a basin, with a toilet placed within a storage unit.

    These vanity units all come in white and are an ideal solution for anyone who has a bathroom of diminished proportions.

    Wall hung drawer units

    The Drift Walnut 2 Ella Hung Unit with basin is elegant. The unit comprises two wide drawers and is 475mm high and 600mm wide, the modern basin fits very neatly on top of this unit.

    The vanity unit (semi recessed & recessed)

    The Sky E White Wall Hung 800 Draper is made up of a very elegant set of drawers together with its matching basin. This range will complement any colours or design features that you might have included in your bathroom.

    The Planet White Wall Hung 800 Drawer unit is another option that offers plenty of surface room around the basin as well as a very generous set of drawers underneath

    Different colours and finishes

    Each of these units can be obtained in a variety of colours. If you want to keep your bathroom looking smart and white, then a white basin unit will be your best option. Some people prefer to have a combination of colours in their bathrooms and with our fantastic range you could always have black cupboards and cabinets and enjoy the contrast of these two bold colours.

    Alternatively, a wooden finish can give a room a gentle appeal and create a more natural effect for the room. If your house is full of flowers, wooden floors and decorative prints then a basin unit with a walnut effect will be very pleasing to the eye.

    The benefits of basin units

    No house ever appears to have sufficient storage space. The additional storage space provided by these basin units means that make-up, toiletries, shaving gear and all other possessions that shouldn’t be left on display can be safely stored under a sink. Cleaning materials can also be left here.

    The basin units with wide drawers are ideal for storing nightclothes, jumpers and spare towels. The Compact and the Combination ranges are a perfect way of hiding ugly plumbing and ensure that your bathroom will look clean at all times.

    The wonderful idea of combining a toilet, a sink and storage space in a single unit is remarkable and is a testament to the ingenuity of our design team.

    Wall hung or floor standing

    In order to choose which furniture option will suit you best, it’s a good idea to look at the size of your bathroom and then asses what type of storage and bathroom furniture you need.

    Floor standing units are manoeuvrable and provide excellent storage but wall hung units provide additional storage under the actual unit. Wall hung units also tend to have a more contemporary feel – perfect if you want your bathroom to look as avant-garde as possible.

    Sink units are a wonderful creation and the wide shrike of units at Victoria Plumb will give you plenty to think about. In preparation for your purchase, measure the area that you wish to install a basin unit in and then check your own measurements with those of the different furniture specifications to see what will fit.

    Remember to bear your colour scheme in mind and also check your lighting system.

    A small bathroom will not suit darker furniture which may drain it of any light while white basin units always look smart and reflect light for a light and airy look.



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