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Traditional Roll Top Baths

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Products in the Traditional Roll Top Baths category have been rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 52 reviews.

There are 14 products on sale, ranging from £209.99 to £349.00

  • Daniel Phillips

    30th of May 2015

    Overall Rating:
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    Camberley Roll Top Bath with Ball Feet

    Camberley Roll Top Bath with Ball Feet

    Quality Bath, Punctual Delivery

    At Victoria Plumb I was able to get a roll top bath in a length that didn't seem to be available anywhere else on the internet. This was a life saver as we'd just had a bathroom completely redone but it was a few centimetres too small for the standard size roll top baths which are readily available from all sellers. My only qualm with the whole experience would be that there was nothing provided in the purchase to fix the feet to the floor which is fairly standard to expect as I understand. This was fortunately overcome by our contractor who used an industrial strength glue which they use on boats at sea. Setting up a 0% APR finance scheme was also a doddle.

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Treat yourself to one of these NEW Freestanding Baths

Posted on: 19th Dec 2014

Winter really is a time for unwinding and spending your hours cosied up inside in the warmth. Relaxation is the key and what better way to de-stress, than a luxurious soak in your very own freestanding bath. As luck would have it, here at victoriaplumb. com we have just launched three absolutely gorgeous, new freestanding baths! So let's dive in and take a closer look! Camberley Single Ended Slipper Bath Slipper baths were originally designed in Victorian times to give privacy to the bather, especially where servants might be present. So you can understand the kind of high regard these types of baths were held in. These days, traditional style baths are making a real comeback, with people yearning for the classic styles of yesteryear. The Camberley Slipper Bath combines all those classic design elements, to provide you with statement, centrepiece bath to be proud of. With intricately-detailed dragon claw feet and a simply beautiful style, it can be yours for the special introductory price of just £439! If you like this bath but aren't sure whether a slipper design is right for you, you'll be pleased to hear we also stock a non-slipper version! Curve High Back Freestanding Bath From the traditional, we now come bang up to date! The Curve has all the features you would expect from a contemporary freestanding bath. Manufactured from high quality acrylic, with smooth, soft lines and gentle curves, this bath will certainly add a real wow factor to your bathroom! Like the Camberley, the Curve also features a high back to help support the back, neck and shoulders - giving you a luxuriously relaxing and very comfortable bath. This is now onsite at victoriaplumb

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4 Things to consider when repositioning your Bath

Posted on: 25th Nov 2014

There are many things to think about when you redecorate a bathroom and one of the main things you'll need to focus on is the placement of the bath. If you plan on repositioning your bath or moving it to a new location, it might not be as easy as you think! So here are 4 things to take into consideration: 1. Can you supersize your bath? Perhaps one of the easiest things to do is to invest in a larger bath. Making it bigger, if space will allow, is a great way to alter the look of the room and to enhance your bathing experience. You also won’t need to worry about the plumbing as you’ll be keeping it in the same place but simply eliminating a little space in front or behind the bath. Top Tip: If you feel you don't have enough room for a freestanding tub, why not go for a back to wall bath, like the Camberley (pictured)? 2. Is it near a plumbing connection? If you don't have a lot of money to work with, you’ll need to ensure you don’t need to move the plumbing connections. The cost of a bathroom remodelling job shoots up dramatically when you have to change water connections. It’s the one thing you don’t always consider when you’re choosing a placement for the bath. 3

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Why choosing a Good Quality Bath is so important!

Posted on: 27th Oct 2014

When the time comes to update our bathroom, there’s a world of new features revealed to us. From the whirlpool bath to the walk-in shower, installing a modern bathroom can be a process which brings plenty of positive changes with it. One of the most exciting and enjoyable additions to a bathroom is the bath tub itself. This is the rock upon which a dream bathroom is formed. Here, we take a look at the benefits of a good bath; giving several reasons why investing in a quality design will do wonders for the overall success of your bathroom. Relax & take it easy Many of us today use our bathrooms as a space based primarily on utility. We'll take our morning shower, clean our teeth and move on. A bathroom on which you've spent time can be as enjoyable a space as your living room or bedroom. On those long days when you arrive home from work and need nothing more than a long period of relaxation, it’s to your bathroom that you should turn. There are few things more relaxing than stepping into a deep and warm bath with a glass of wine and a good book

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Buying Guides

Indulge in a roll top bath

A roll top bath offers timeless Victorian designs, whilst integrating modern materials to create stylish but functional baths that you'll adore. If you want a touch of old fashioned elegance in your life, then the Shakespeare roll top bath will be perfect, right down to its dragon claw feet. This perfect traditional roll top bath, complete with double end design and centrally positioned mixer taps, will provide the bather with a glamorous experience.

Pair your bath with a roll top bath tap, these taps can be a standout feature in your bathroom and are floor standing, the handheld shower attachment offers flexibility making washing hair easier and more convenient. 

Traditional roll top baths on feet

These curvaceous traditional baths could fit just as well in a Victorian bathroom as in a modern house. There is something quite stately about these baths and their claw feet make them look positively majestic.

The Shakespeare roll top comes in both large and small sizes so those with a modern size bathroom needn’t worry that they will be unable to enjoy this wonderful piece of bathroom furniture. If you do have the space, though, the large Shakespeare model is wonderful, complete with its elegant feet and double ended roll top bath design.

You can select either dragon or ball and claw feet for your roll top or slipper bath.

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