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Electric Showers

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Latest from Love Bathrooms

Striking a Chord: The Chime Shower Range provides affordable Luxury

Posted on: 12th Aug 2014

For luxury you can afford, we proudly introduce to you the Chime Range of shower riser rail kits, exclusive to Victoria Plumb. Flexible Showering The key feature of this innovative range is the option to switch between an overhead and handheld shower. You can enjoy an invigorating and refreshing drench beneath the overhead shower and then, with the turn of a knob, change to the handheld shower for more focused cleansing. This can be especially useful for hair washing. The overhead showers are also easily height and angle adjustable. They are especially suited to those with busy lifestyles who require flexibility, without compromising on style. Clever Storage, Simple Installation Another fantastic feature of this shower riser kit range is the integrated storage shelf, providing plenty of space for your showering essentials. This eliminates the need for any further drilling into your tiling to add a further shelf or rack - perfect for smaller bathrooms or loft conversions, where storage is at a premium. Installation is simple as all valve parts are external to the wall and easy clean silicone nozzles means you spend less time maintaining the look and performance of your shower. Incredible Price The final and most important feature is the incredibly low price

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The 5 most important things to consider when buying a Shower

Posted on: 23rd Jul 2014

In the fast paced environment of the modern world a quick shower is becoming a staple of everyday life and a way to let off some steam after a busy day! For many people the choice of shower is the most important element in the bathroom and with the range of choices available to the consumer it can be one of the most difficult. To help with this difficult decision below are some of the most important considerations when purchasing a shower: 1. Size There are a multitude of sizes to select when picking a shower. The size and layout of the bathroom needs to be carefully considered. For example, if you want to upgrade to a power shower then you'll need to allow more room for the increase in water pressure. If you're looking to install a shower tray, enclosures or shower bath, all the measurements need to be carefully considered beforehand. By drawing up a blueprint it can give a clear indication of how everything will fit into the bathroom. Extra Tip: Why not use SketchUp 3D Design Software? 2. Style There is a mixture of style options to choose from when it comes to showers. If you are having a complete overhaul then the design of the shower enclosure is a treasure chest of ideas; from the walk-in style to a sliding door enclosure

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Baths v Showers: Which side are you on?

Posted on: 21st Jul 2014

It’s the 21st century and we're busier than ever, juggling multiple commitments such as work and family that barely a second moment can be spared. I’m sure that we all have a long list of things we wished we could do if only we had the time – and that includes taking a bath. Taking a shower, however, is by far the more popular and widely used method for washing, taking up substantially less time versus taking a bath. Showers are therefore much more suited to our daily lives and require sufficiently less water, reducing both the financial and environmental impacts. Are you a Bath Fan? However, there’s a reason why most bathrooms still have a bath in them and that is because we love the luxury of them when we are actually able to take one. And rightly so! Baths can really help us unwind and slow down time, giving us space to think despite the demands of our hectic lives. To satisfy this desire, Victoria Plumb offers a fantastic range of elegant freestanding bathtubs that will help anyone inject much-needed luxury into their home. Furthermore, there are few things that can be improved to ensure your baths are as eco-friendly as possible. Acrylic baths help improve efficiency at retaining hot water, thus reducing your need to top up the bath with hot water, while thermostatic taps provide the highest level of control over water flow and temperature. Lavish Roll Top Baths Roll top baths have become a popular choice across a wide spectrum of styles ranging from a 30s Hollywood regency bathroom style to oriental style

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5 most Common Causes of a poor Shower Experience

Posted on: 12th Apr 2014

Everyone likes the idea of having a shower installed in their bathroom. Whether it is a top of the range 'wet room' style experience or the simple addition of a rail-based system that utilises the bathtub or shower enclosure, the ease of use and time saving aspects of taking a shower are an important lifestyle choice. However, not all showers are equal and some can give quite a disappointing performance for a number of reasons. So what are the five most common causes of a poor shower experience and what can you do to avoid them? 1. Leaks One of the great things about a shower is that it is a simple, quick and easy process. There is no time delay in waiting for a bathtub to fill up and no need to clean up much afterwards. However, a leaking shower can undo all of these advantages in seconds. It could be the piping, feeding pressurised water to the head, the shower head itself or the enclosure/shower curtain that you use. If any of these parts leak you can find yourself with pools of water in the bathroom and a big clean up job to take care of. 2

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5 Questions you should ask before buying a Shower Enclosure or Bathtub

Posted on: 2nd Apr 2014

Your choice of whether you install a shower enclosure or a bathtub will have an enormous effect on your mornings every day for years to come, so you need to decide very carefully exactly which is best for you. There are many factors to consider when deciding between the two, relating to the design and proportions of your bathroom, your personal needs, your family’s needs and your preferences. Here is a breakdown of the five key questions to ask yourself, to help you make this essential decision: 1. How much space do you have available? Some bathrooms simply won’t be able to accommodate a full-size bathtub and you need to look at the proportions of the bathtubs on the market and measure your space carefully to see if any can fit. If your bathroom is of a certain size, you may simply have to install a shower enclosure rather than a bathtub. 2. Do you even need to choose? If you have space available for a full-size bathtub and don’t want to limit yourself, a shower fixed above the bathtub, with an accompanying shower bath installed, may be the perfect compromise. 3. What are you realistically going to need? Some live fast-paced, busy lifestyles and simply don’t have the time to take a relaxing bath every morning. If you’re one of these racy individuals, you don’t want to cut yourself off from the time-efficiency of a shower enclosure

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Walk right in! Stunning NEW V8+ Designer Walk In Showers now available!

Posted on: 16th Dec 2013

If you’re looking for an ultra-modern update to your bathroom, look no further than our stunning new range of designer walk in shower enclosures. Minimalist With the minimalist look at the forefront of modern bathroom design, these new integrated showers and enclosures will offer you trend setting, affordable luxury. As part of Victoria Plumb’s V8+ series, the shower enclosures feature high-end materials and are fully BS EN 14228 certified and CE marked (in other words – tough and safe!). The contemporary styling of the V8+ series helps provide an open and airy feel through elegant frameless designs, which adds that extra wow factor and makes a statement in any bathroom. There are 3 showers and enclosures to choose from: [hr] V8+ Designer Walk In Enclosure 1200 x 900                   Key features: Stylish grey smoked toughened glass High quality stainless steel integrated shower system Shower system includes overhead shower and riser rail with separate shower handset 2 function mixer valve [hr] V8+ Designer Walk In Enclosure 1200 x 800                   Key features: High quality stainless steel integrated shower system Shower system includes overhead shower and riser rail with separate shower handset Twin body jets 3 function diverter mixer valve [hr] V8+ Designer Walk In Enclosure 1600 x 800               Key features: High quality stainless steel integrated shower system Shower system includes overhead shower and riser rail with separate shower handset Twin body jets 3 function diverter mixer valve Integrated towel rail on pivoting glass panel Pivot door means it can be used as an open, walk in design or an enclosed cubicle [hr] Epitome of Modern Design Samantha Dowle, our very own In-House Stylist, says: “This new range of designer walk in showers will effortlessly bring any bathroom into the 21st Century. The frameless design is the epitome of modern design, luxury and style. But it’s not just their aesthetic qualities which make these showers stand out. Walk in enclosures give ease of access – perfect if your mobility is restricted. They can also enhance light and space, making your bathroom feel more spacious. ” For further product information and bathroom inspiration, visit www

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Low Price Electric Showers from Victoria Plumb

An electric shower from the Triton T80 range is a cheap and convenient way to install a shower into almost any home. Triton electric showers contain their own in-built heating unit and do not need a connection to a hot water feed, making it ideal for those looking to quickly install a shower in their bath or into an ensuite bathroom. 

A modern electric shower can also have money saving benefits included, because they are often known for their energy efficiency and ease of use. Best combined with our range of shower baths or designer shower enclosures, these modern electric showers are a fantastic buy, suitable for almost any home.

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