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Thermostatic Mixer Shower Valves

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  • Products in the Thermostatic Mixer Shower Valves category have been rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 195 reviews.

    There are 77 products on sale, ranging from £39.99 to £411.00

    • Jenny Williams

      11th of April 2014

      Overall Rating:
      Value for Money:

      Aria Round Head Shower Riser System

      Quality Product

      Brought Feb 2013 but just installed last week. It's great having a shower in the morning's is just heavenly bliss.

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    • Kara Coe

      5th of March 2014

      Overall Rating:
      Value for Money:

      Aria Square Head Shower Riser System

      Great Quality

      This looks great and is amazing. Our plumber said it was easy to install and it has transformed our shower room. Would definitely recommend.

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    • Harold Shipman

      6th of April 2014

      Overall Rating:
      Value for Money:

      Tetra Square Head Shower Riser System


      Good all round.

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    • Graham Bedding

      24th of March 2014

      Overall Rating:
      Value for Money:

      Thermostatic Bath Shower Mixer (Wall or Surface Mount)

      Great Design

      Great bath tap and great value for money. Wonderful design too meaning thermostat housing can be removed without totally removing taps from the bath itself!!

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    • Stephen Wright

      11th of April 2014

      Overall Rating:
      Value for Money:

      Traditional Dual Valve

      Great Shower

      Delivered on time just what I wanted thanks

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    For luxury you can afford, we proudly introduce to you the new Chime Range of shower riser rail kits, exclusive to Victoria Plumb. Flexible Showering The key feature of this innovative range is the option to switch between an overhead and handheld shower. You can enjoy an invigorating and refreshing drench beneath the overhead shower and then, with the turn of a knob, change to the handheld shower for more focused cleansing. This can be especially useful for hair washing. The overhead showers are also easily height and angle adjustable. They are especially suited to those with busy lifestyles who require flexibility, without compromising on style. Clever Storage, Simple Installation Another fantastic feature of this shower riser kit range is the integrated storage shelf, providing plenty of space for your showering essentials. This eliminates the need for any further drilling into your tiling to add a further shelf or rack - perfect for smaller bathrooms or loft conversions, where storage is at a premium. Installation is simple as all valve parts are external to the wall and easy clean silicone nozzles means you spend less time maintaining the look and performance of your shower. Incredible Price The final and most important feature is the incredibly low price

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    Buying Guides


    Choosing the Right Thermostatic Shower Valve

    When choosing what type of shower valve you need, you first need to decide upon what features you would like in your new shower. Choose from a variety of options and combinations from shower slider rail kits, fixed shower heads to shower body jets. Below is a brief description of the various showering options available with the Victoria Plumb thermostatic shower valves. Our four designs include Alexa, Cubik, Matrix or Traditional.

    The ultimate accessory for any shower unit, choose mixer shower valves from Victoria Plumb to complete the design of your bathroom. Compatible with gravity fed, pumped, unvented high pressure and fully modulated combi boiler systems, we are sure to have an option perfect for you and your home.

    Why choose mixer shower valves?

    Comprising everything you need to get your shower up and running, combination shower sets or mixer shower valves are the ultimate addition for any bathroom. Affix to walls as the central component of your own freestanding shower enclosure or wet room or mount them above your bath to give yourself more options when bathing.

    Whatever your setup, we’re sure to have the perfect product for you with all our shower mixer options coming with recommended minimum pressures and all the necessary accessories. Made from high quality materials that provide assurances of durability, you’ll be amazed at our competitive prices and vast selection of products.

    Contemporary and modern shower styles

    Match the style of your bathroom to one of our mixer shower valves for a congruous design style which combines form and function in equal measure.

    Whether you want a unit which makes use of traditional crossbar handles and levers with rounded shower heads – such as Combination Shower Set 19 – or a more modern style such as a square plate twin or triple mixer valve which combine anti scald safety devices with strong design profiles – such as Combination Shower Set 1 – we’re sure to have it all.

    All of our mixer shower valves are made from the highest quality materials which means you’ll always get a product you can rely on. Offering a diverse selection of options for ultimate practicality when showering, some of our sets cover every option available so you can have your shower set up exactly as you want.

    Our Shower Combination Set 8 is the perfect example of this. Providing a body jet fixed shower head as well as riser system with triple thermostatic shower mixer, this is the perfect way to bring the spa experience into your own home.

    Thermostatic Mixer Showers

    This incorporates a thermostatic shower mixer valve which keeps water at a constant temperature and is controlled manually so that it can be adjusted to suit. A thermostatic mixer shower sets is safer for children and the elderly as there is greater control over the temperature of water.
    Victoria Plumb products such as the Alexa twin shower valve and the Matrix Square Twin Valve with Diverter have a built in anti-scald device and thermostatic temperature control, making them a great choice for family use. A thermostatic shower won’t be affected by people using hot water elsewhere in the home either.

    • Requirements: Unvented hot water system, Combination boiler, gravity water systems. Minimum 0.1 bar of water pressure.
    • Recommendations: excellent for family use.
    • Benefits: Anti-scold device and not affected by water use elsewhere in the home.

    The Victoria Plumb Thermostatic Shower Valve is WRAS & TMV3 approved and will need to be installed in your bathroom by a plumber to ensure the anti-scalding device is correctly installed.
    For more information regarding Thermostatic Shower Valves please visit:

    Manual Mixer Showers

    These work well in homes that have a good supply of hot water and high water pressure. They mix hot and cold water together to give a uniform temperature each time you shower.
    Manual shower mixers are easy showers to install and very simple to work. They do require a certain minimum level of water pressure and operate off gravity water systems. They also need to be supplied by hot and cold water. They need a minimum of 0.1 bar of pressure in order to work.
    They work by manually setting the shower valve to the necessary temperature before showering. However, manual showers do not shut of automatically if the temperature changes; this means that those using the shower could scold themselves.

    • Requirements: Unvented hot water system, Combination boiler, gravity water systems. Minimum 0.1 bar of water pressure.
    • Recommendations: they do not shut off automatically so users need to be aware of scolding.
    • Benefits: easy to install and easy to use.

    Mixer shower valves at Victoria Plumb

    Along with our fantastic range of shower suites you can also invest in individual products to complete your bathroom. Every one of our products comes with affordability and quality guaranteed and whether it’s a full set you want or just the valve with diverter, we’re always happy to help.

    Twin Shower Mixer

    Allows for one outlet to be connected, whether it is a fixed shower head or a slider rail kit. A twin shower valve incorporates one flow control and one thermostatic temperature control.

    Twin Shower Mixer with Diverter

    Allows for two outlets to be connected, whether it is a fixed shower head, riser rail kit or body jets. Please note you can only operate one or the other at any one time. The twin shower valve with diverter incorporates one flow control, left for one outlet and right for the other and one thermostatic temperature control.

    Triple Shower Mixer

    Triple shower valves allow for two outlets to be connected, whether it is a fixed shower head, a slider rail kit or body jets. A triple shower valve incorporates one flow control and one thermostatic temperature control. You can operate both points simultaneously.

    Triple Shower Mixer with Diverter

    A triple shower valve with a diverter allow for three outlets to be connected, whether it is a fixed shower head, a slider rail kit, body jets or bath filler. A triple shower valve with diverter incorporates one flow control and one thermostatic temperature control. You can operate two of the three points simultaneously.

    Bar Shower Mixer Valve

    Bar shower mixer valves are designed with a bar shape and are available in a horizontal design with a chrome finish. This shower mixer design is the perfect option for creating a strong shower centrepiece especially with its clean and stylish shape and high quality chrome.

    The Aria Cosmic Riser System is part of Victoria Plumb’s Aria riser system collection. Ideal for walk in showers or clear glass shower cubicles, the Aria with its hooped chrome rail and bar mixer valve is a perfect example of how to make a stunning statement in your bathroom and is available with a square or round head.

    Shower Combination Sets

    Victoria Plumb has put together a collection of shower combination sets that show the different options and ideas to work in every bathroom.

    Whether you are looking at buying a fixed shower head and thermostatic shower valve combination set or the full works which include a fixed shower head, slider rail kit, shower body jets and a triple thermostatic shower valve – there really is a shower combination set to suit you and your shower.

    For any further technical advice about our products you contact our call centre on 0844 804 48 48.

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