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Shower Pumps

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Latest from Love Bathrooms

Our April Showers winner is revealed

Posted on: 12th May 2015

Congratulations go to Julia Sewell from Wallsend, Tyne & Wear, who was picked at random as the winner of our April Showers competition. Julia wins a whopping £500 to spend on the shower of her dreams and was obviously delighted when we contacted her: When I first saw the email from Victoria Plumb I couldn't quite believe it! I had to read it a few times just to make sure it really said I had won! It was absolutely perfect timing for us since we had been talking about doing the bathroom for so long as it was desperately needed.  I can't thank Victoria Plumb enough for giving me the opportunity to buy a sparkly new bathroom and I can't wait to see the finished results. Here are just a few fantastic items Julia might want to consider: Chime Shower Riser Kit Range For top of the range designer style, look no further than our Chime Shower Range. Featuring a fixed overhead shower, plus a handset for more focused cleansing, the Chime is a beautifully crafted bit of kit, fit to grace any bathroom. It also comes with a handy shelf, perfect for keeping shampoo, conditioner and soap close at hand. You have the option of stainless steel, plus white or black trim, to suit your bathroom decor. You'll find similar showers on the market, retailing at exorbitant prices. But why splash out, when you can purchase from VictoriaPlumb. com for as little as £199

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In the Bathroom, don't forget those Finishing Touches...

Posted on: 3rd Dec 2014

Embarking upon a bathroom renovation? We know the drill. First off you'll start thinking about the size of your room - what can you actually fit in it? You'll then begin to make all sorts of decisions about the type of suite you want - will it be traditional or contemporary in style? Do you want a bath, shower or both?  What kind of furniture will you add? All very, very important considerations, but sometimes it's all too easy to get lost in the bigger picture. Before you finish thinking about it, make sure you pay some attention to your Bathroom Accessories. Why it's important to Accessorise! A careful choice of complementary and matching accessories can really enhance the overall look and style of your bathroom. All too often, the design is finalised and installed and then you find yourself struggling to find those perfect finishing touches. At the end of the day, you don't want to end up with a bathroom that is anything less than what you dreamed of. And you certainly don't want to end up with a mish-mash of badly matching, ill-suited accessories in an array of different colours, finishes and materials. Here at Victoria Plumb we've just launched 4 brand new ranges of Bathroom Accessories, providing you with all the finishing touches you'll need and all delivered direct to you! New Bathroom Accessory Ranges Solar Range Along with our existing Cubik, Phaze and Matrix Ranges, the new Solar Bathroom Accessories Range combines chic, contemporary styling, with everyday functionality. With an array of wall mounted accessory options, you can keep the style flowing throughout your bathroom. My personal favourites from this collection: Solar Toilet Roll Holder One of the most functional items you'll ever find and never known for its style, yet this very simple chrome Toilet Roll Holder will help bring your bathroom bang up to date

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5 Clever Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Posted on: 28th Aug 2014

With those long, light days of summer fading into autumn, and evenings becoming darker earlier, the spotlight now falls on the lighting in our homes. Bathroom lighting can often very conventional with one solitary bulb creating a bright but somewhat harsh illumination that lacks warmth and imagination. However. . . . the one thing that lighting in your bathroom doesn’t have to be is boring! It’s amazing just how much difference the right type of light can make. So here are five unique options for you to try: 1. Chandelier As the bathroom is more commonly used as a luxury room of relaxation, a chandelier would be a great choice. It doesn’t have to be a huge draping chandelier; they come in all different shapes and sizes

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Striking a Chord: The Chime Shower Range provides affordable Luxury

Posted on: 12th Aug 2014

For luxury you can afford, we proudly introduce to you the Chime Range of shower riser rail kits, exclusive to Victoria Plumb. Flexible Showering The key feature of this innovative range is the option to switch between an overhead and handheld shower. You can enjoy an invigorating and refreshing drench beneath the overhead shower and then, with the turn of a knob, change to the handheld shower for more focused cleansing. This can be especially useful for hair washing. The overhead showers are also easily height and angle adjustable. They are especially suited to those with busy lifestyles who require flexibility, without compromising on style. Clever Storage, Simple Installation Another fantastic feature of this shower riser kit range is the integrated storage shelf, providing plenty of space for your showering essentials. This eliminates the need for any further drilling into your tiling to add a further shelf or rack - perfect for smaller bathrooms or loft conversions, where storage is at a premium. Installation is simple as all valve parts are external to the wall and easy clean silicone nozzles means you spend less time maintaining the look and performance of your shower. Incredible Price The final and most important feature is the incredibly low price

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Buying Guides

Choosing the right shower pump

An essential cog in the machine of your home shower, every bathroom needs a suitable shower pump to provide the power needed to have a truly refreshing shower. Boosting the flow of both cold and hot water, you’ll find a great range of products in our selection of twin shower pumps.

Create a spa like power shower in your own home

If you’ve dreamed of a power shower, but the water pressure in your home has always been too weak to provide the spa like experience you desire, then you may need a shower pump to enhance your shower system. An efficient shower pump gives you the pressure needed to turn your current shower flow from a trickle to a powerful stream of water that will make you want to stay in the shower all morning.

Matching your pump to your water system

When choosing a pump, you’ll need to take your water system and type of shower into consideration. For homes with multiple showers, take a look at options such as the RSP100 Twin Shower Pump. Also suitable for thermostatic and manual shower mixers, these twin-ended pumps can support up to four body sprays (wall mounted) with each individual pump able to feed two or three showers at the same time, making it the perfect choice for 3 bar shower heads.

For those whose showers offer massage functions or champagne sprays, the smaller RSP75 Twin Shower Pump is ideal and can also feed two or three showers simultaneously from each pump. The CT75 Twin Shower Pump is also an ideal choice here, offering a robust and resilient solution for those with multi-function shower heads.

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