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Contemporary Tap Ranges

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Which Bathroom Tap should you choose?

Posted on: 14th May 2014

The taps you choose for your bathroom can have a major effect on the overall look and functionality of your bathroom fittings. Whether you're designing a new bathroom from scratch, replacing worn taps or simply looking to spruce up your bathroom with a new look, it usually pays to think carefully about which types of tap are best for your own tastes and requirements. For a full and comprehensive explanation of the different types of bathroom tap available, please read on! Pillar Taps Pillar taps generally take the form of two separate taps. One draws hot water and the other cold and the two flow separately into the bath or basin. It's as simple as that! Mixer Taps Mixer taps also draw water from both the hot and cold pipes but mix the two flows before they emerge from a single spout. It's generally far easier to achieve the correct temperature using a mixer tap and they can help prevent drawing water that is scalding hot or too cold. Some bath mixer taps also incorporate a shower mixer, allowing you to switch the water flow from the taps themselves to a shower attachment. Mixer taps are generally better for those who use their baths frequently, as you can mix the flow to the desired temperature before allowing your bath to fill up. This is a safer option for families with small children, where filling the bath with scalding hot water first could be dangerous. To improve safety even further there is the option of a thermostatic bath mixer tap, ensuring a consistent water temperature

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5 Benefits of using Mixer Taps in the Bathroom

Posted on: 5th Dec 2013

The traditional way of filling a bath or running water into a sink involves two taps. One is connected to the hot water supply and the other to the cold water supply. In a mixer tap, you still draw from the hot and cold sources but these are combined into a single flow and come out of a single spout. Here are five benefits that mixer taps can bring to your bathroom: 1. Style Many people prefer the sleek and streamlined look of a mixer tap to that of separate hot and cold taps. There are a wide range of mixer tap styles available. They may have sharp, contemporary lines or be curved with a classic arch shape. The handles too can vary, from traditional rotating handles to levers that are lifted up and down to control the flow. If you fancy a wall mounted mixer tap, these are available too. 2

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Contemporary Basins and Mixer Taps: What to look for

Posted on: 28th Oct 2013

Although a bath may be the centre focal point for many bathrooms, the basin is used far more regularly and as such, is an important part of any choice of suite. In fact, the wide range of basin styles, their supporting structure and the taps that go with them, means you can mix and match to make your bathroom a uniquely personalised design. Traditional styles based on Victorian originals are still immensely popular but modern, contemporary designs offer a varied choice when it comes to both stylistic decisions and functional design. It is certainly the contemporary basin and mixer tap combinations that are the most exciting elements when designing a modern bathroom, so what should you be looking for? Choices Victoria Plumb has a wide range of top-end designs that offer high quality materials and workmanship while being extremely affordable. Choosing a basin design that sits on a counter top, can allow for a wide range of flexibility. Whereas a traditional pedestal style basin can suit period homes and more traditional suites, those looking for a more modern and practical solution can pick and choose between different solutions; from counter tops that feature semi recessed basins through to glass or marble structures with a choice of basin styles on top. Taps The style of tap you choose doesn't simply reflect an overall design choice, as it can be a standout feature that brings its own unique slant to a suite – although it must still fulfil a vital function. A mixer tap should provide hot and cold water in exactly the proportions you want with an easy-to-use mechanism. That's why all our taps at Victoria Plumb are manufactured to the highest specifications, utilising the latest ceramic disc technology. There are as many styles of contemporary basin taps as there are basins themselves, and the chance to mix and match means that you can come up with your own unique combinations

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Top Taps for Beautiful Bathrooms

Posted on: 17th Aug 2013

When it comes to accessorising your bathroom, your choice of tap can really be used to complement existing furniture.   Aside from providing a vital function in delivering water flow, the look and style can offer an attention-grabbing focal point to the room. Our taps come in a variety of styles to suit all types of basin and bath.   From low rise, separate taps to high rise mixers, we have the right solution for you. If you are creating a classic bathroom, you may opt for a more traditional design of tap, with curved spout and conventional screw down valve mechanism.   If it’s a modern bathroom you’re looking to create, you may require something more on-trend, like a waterfall mixer, which features an ‘open’ design. Whatever type of bathroom you are aiming to achieve, we’ve come up with the following three taps as top options for creating a sophisticated bathroom.   At Victoria Plumb we even use some of them in our own bathrooms! 1. Antonio Basin Mixer Tap A traditional option, our Antonia Basin Mixer Tap is perfect if you wish to embody timeless elegance.   The tap has a long spout and traditional white, detailed lever handles for a classic look

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Buying Guides

Choosing a contemporary tap

Our modern bathroom tap ranges include elegant chrome finishes with curves and thin lines that have an expensive and signature design but at affordable prices.
At Victoria Plumb we offer a wide range of taps to complement your basin or bath, which means you can utilise the very best quality at the most competitive prices whilst never settling for second best.

Our in-house team of experts have recently announced the 2013 predictions for contemporary tap trends; this ensures that we provide a stylish and on-trend collection of bath and basin taps, whilst providing exceptional quality and unbeatable value for money.

Why choose a contemporary basin tap?

Modern bathroom suites are chosen for the way in which they reflect the overall style of a home. This applies as much to the fittings, such as taps, as it does to the main items of bathroom furniture. For example, our countertop basin units offer a sleek design with plenty of storage space whilst retaining a seamless look.

Choose from our range of countertop basin designs to give your bathroom a centre piece with a stylistic expression and you will find a tap from our vast collection of contemporary taps to complement any choice of basin design. Our tap ranges are available for all over basin ranges from wall mounted basins to pedestal mounted basins.

A design to create the finishing touches

The straight lines are a popular feature of contemporary taps and give the tap a bold appearance which works well with square basins. The Concept Basin Mixer, featuring a ‘water fall’ effect, has a thin design and ergonomic styling which is a popular option and looks stunning, for example, when paired with the Ronda Countertop Basin.

Recommended Best Seller

A best seller with consistent 5 star customer feedback ratings, the Escala Basin Mixer tap features an ultra modern 'open' design to its outflow. This gives it a quality designer appeal and makes it a firm favourite with customers who say it adds a touch of luxury to any bathroom.

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